February 9, 2021 | Online

In this training, you will learn a path to (re)discovering and restoring a healthy organizational climate by stepping back and exploring your foundational beliefs about organizational wellness. You will have an opportunity to explore the state of health in your organization from a holistic growth perspective and develop your own perception of what is needed to achieve and maintain health and balance and what the benefits of doing so can be. Whether you are embarking on some kind of organizational improvement project, restructuring, setting out to fix an organizational problem, or simply want to understand your organization’s performance better, this short training will be of benefit to you.

Once you have taken this training you can participate in the 2-day training Achieving Organizational Health & Balance – f.e. taking place 10-12 February 2021

Doris Gottlieb (The Netherlands), Thomas Herrmann (Sweden), and Anna Caroline Türk (Germany) are joining forces to offer this training. They are highly dedicated to this approach and invest much of their energy in the development of the Genuine Contact Program for almost two decades.

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Date & Time: 09/02/2021 | 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Workshop Facilitator: Facilitators: Doris Gottlieb, Thomas Herrmann & Anna Caroline Türk

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Genuine Contact Workshop: Path to Organizational Health and Balance (Foundational Module 1)

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