GC Elders Group Monthly Meetings


22 January, 2025    
11:00 am EST - 1:00 pm EST


Elders Group Members


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We meet to experience the benefits of being in the Elders Group together.

Within the meetings, we figure out together what we choose to take leadership for individually and as a group regarding the growth of Genuine Contact in the world and our support of the international Genuine Contact Organization.

In our meetings, we work towards a vision that we have co-created.

We also take time for our own growth and development, individually and as a group. In doing so, we pay attention to what we are learning about ourselves as a community of Elders and the role of Elders as individuals and as an Elders Group within the inter-generational, multi-cultural Genuine Contact community.

We figure out and experience what belonging means even as we transition to our Elder roles.

We are in the right relationships with each other and with the group and are sorting out the right relationship with the GCO.

We meet as an Elders Group to benefit from our collective wisdom, individually, as a group, and to contribute to the GCO.

The life-nourishing environment provided to the Elders Group by the GCO supports us in being our best and having a role regardless of age. In return for this bigger environment of the GCO, we offer services, including the service of ourselves as fire-keepers for the GC flame.