Four long days of online workshop. Impossible?

If someone had told me in February that three months later I would be holding a lively, participative and highly effective workshop online for four days with a group of 16 people on the topic of “Leadership and Team Development”, I would have only smiled mildly and not believed him. … Read More

What Does It Mean to Be A Human Being in The Role of a Leader?

I was a curious little girl and always wondering “what does it mean to be a human being”? Possibly like all children, all over the world, I admired my parents. I thought they knew what it means to be human. So I watched them, copied their behavior and tried to … Read More

The Stunning Effect of Liberating Structures

Givens as Prerequisite for Maximum Freedom, Maximum Choice When I did my Genuine Contact training in 2003 I learned from Birgitt Williams about what she referred to as “givens”. The “non-negotiables” for Open Space Technology meetings or any other meetings in which people participate. These givens, provide them with orientation … Read More