Moving forward in times of complicated grief

Complex times can mean complex grief. The world as we know it is changing. It’s changing rapidly. Every day brings new changes, new loss, new normal that needs adjusting to. It needs adjusting to at a speed that is faster than most of us are comfortable with. Just when you … Read More

What Paperclips Tell us About Creativity

Odds are, you’ve heard of the paperclip experiment. In 1968, George Land and Beth Jarman conducted an experiment with children. They originally designed it for testing potential NASA engineers and scientists on how innovative they were. The researchers asked 1,600 5-year-old children how many uses they could come up with … Read More

Failing is only valuable if you’re learning something

My kid brought home her first failing grade last week. It wasn’t entirely unexpected as she’s not really connected meaningfully with the teacher or the subject matter. The experts talk about how essential it is to let our kids fail. It’s going to happen when we’re adults, so practice on … Read More

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