Just What is the International Genuine Contact Organization?

Along with my co-facilitator Birgitt Williams, I’ve just finished facilitating the annual Genuine Contact Summer Academy. Our focus this year was on the Genuine Contact Organization module of the program. This module brings together the learning of all the other modules to explore how one can support organizational transformation the … Read More

The Discipline of Joy

Quick, picture a moment of joy. If your mental picture is anything like a google search, odds are it is children doing something that brings great joy. Playing with a sparkler, holding a bunch of balloons, or something else filled with childhood joy. It’s seen as some kind of right … Read More

What distance schooling can teach us about working with grief in organizations

Distance schooling started here recently. Like communities around the world, we had been isolated at home for weeks. Our school district implemented a plan to get kids learning again. It took exactly 2 days before my daughter came to me and asked what would happen if she just decided not … Read More

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