Holistic Leadership – Connecting Through the Interstices

Some say holistic is something that comes from New Age, some kind of spiritual fluff that does not belong together with leadership. This is not correct. Others say that holistic is a modern trend that organizations who want to be in the forefront better adjust to. This is not correct … Read More

Increasing Engagement in Your Association – The Easy Way

Meetings could be a total waste of time. Or they could be simply wonderful – efficient, productive, innovative and time-saving. Like Cinderella said about the ball at the castle. How the meeting turns out is to a large extent depending on which method that is chosen for the process. Sometimes … Read More

Leaders and leadership are a key to success

When an organization is going through a transformation process, it is to a large extent the leaders and the leadership that will determine if this change will be successful or not.  Leaders because they have great power to impact the organization by the way they are leading. Leadership, the approach, … Read More

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