Noticing extends your space to decide

Every time someone or something pushes one of your buttons, you have 1/10 of a second to choose if you are going to act on the trigger or not. Facilitators of Open Space Technology and Whole Person Process Facilitation learn to be aware of this process and talk about “sitting … Read More

The Beauty of Autumn and Stories

“Autumn paints in colors that Summer has never seen.” I like Autumn like no other season, the crisp air, the yellow, orange and red leaves, the smell of damp moss on trees in the forest and most of all the calm feeling of fulfillment. This year Autumn in Sweden has … Read More

Meetings that Engage

We often talk about engaging people, but what do we mean? What is the purpose or goals we want to achieve with this engagement? Are we going to start a movement or have people support a cause? Or could there be other results when we engage people? I mainly want … Read More

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