Growing Wisdom Through Group Reflection, Listening and Curiosity

The other day I was working with one of my favorite groups and we shared a profound experience. This cohort of 31 young people act as Mentors to incoming students at their International Business School. Our meeting was part of their last session together as Mentors, now that the program … Read More

Reflection - Knowing where you’re going by knowing where you’ve been

Recently, I worked with a group of students employed as Mentors for students entering their university. They are part of a program designed to build the university community and to help new students integrate into student life and their studies. The program asks a lot of these young people, both … Read More

Save time…Go Slow

One day, I was preparing for an event with a colleague. We had about a half-hour to go before 50 people would arrive for the start of the day. We were running late and were just starting to set up the venue. I thought we would need at least one … Read More

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