Episode 11: How Inviting Multiple Intelligences Benefits The Whole Person with Helga Hohn

In this episode we talk with our colleague Dr. Helga Hohn, a psychologist based in the Netherlands. She introduces us to Gardener’s concept of multiple intelligences and we speak about the alignment we experience between his approach and the holistic worldview of the Genuine Contact way of working. Gardner’s theory … Read More

The Musical Rhythm Of Mentoring Circles In Genuine Contact

One of the key components in the Genuine Contact way of working is mentoring one-on-one, in online forums, and in Mentoring Circles that happen face to face. In the Netherlands, where I live, people working with Genuine Contact and those interested come together on a yearly basis in what we … Read More

Build Capacity if You Want to Realize Change

I was speaking with a participant in a workshop. She wanted to talk with me about her frustration. In her organization, they are encouraging people to take leadership for their own areas of expertise. In her experience, her manager never gives space for that. He says he trusts people but … Read More

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