The Impact of Grief at Work

Change Is Always Accompanied by Loss Initiating the Healing Cycle of Grief Work Grief work is part of everyday life. Change is constant and change is always accompanied by loss. When there is loss, the human being goes through a cycle of grieving before being able to move on to … Read More

Five Beliefs of Genuine Contact

Birgitt Williams and Ward Williams designed the Genuine Contact™ program with simplicity in mind. The program focuses on attending to organizational health and balance as a foundation for organizational success. It uses meetings as a catalyst for organizations to develop as conscious, life-nurturing, interconnected creative organizations. Meetings are a catalyst … Read More

What is Open Space Technology?

One of our preferred methods, when we are asked to facilitate a group, is Open Space Technology (OST). Our clients, whether in the private or public sector, get results from an OST meeting greater in both quantity and quality than they initially thought possible. After a simple planning process, the facilitators … Read More

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