Genuine Contact Program


Genuine Contact trainers are authorised to train the original modules of the Genuine Contact™ program.
There are the Foundational Workshops and Advanced Skill Building Workshops  and the Train the Trainer of the Genuine Contact Program.

To learn about Genuine Contact there are many different paths to choose from:

  • You can take modules of Genuine Contact™ program in many different locations around the world
  • You can take many modules of the Genuine Contact program online
  • You can join Genuine Contact Mentoring Circles online and in person
  • You can bring a Genuine Contact trainer into your organization for in-house training
  • You can participate in different public events
  • You can  meet the Genuine Contact community on social medias

Upcoming Genuine Contact Modules are listed in our Event Calendar.


Genuine Contact Mentoring Circles

GC-MenAn integral part of the Genuine ContactTM program is mentoring for ongoing professional and personal development. Mentoring is is one of the components of the Genuine Contact program. We offer mentoring within our Genuine Contact community as a forum to learn the art of mentoring and to “walk the talk of mentoring” for both individuals and organizations. Through mentoring, we can all improve our own skills and practices as Genuine Contact professionals. Mentoring circles have been done regularly within the Genuine Contact community since their beginning in North Carolina, USA in 2001. They include both regional and international events.
Opportunities existing within the Genuine Contact community for mentoring include:

● Online Mentoring Spaces – like email-lists

● Online Story Sharing Meeting – bi-monthly

● Mentoring Circle – Online and Face to Face – regional and international

● Individual and small group Mentoring Sessions – ad hoc and selforganized



Workshops rooted in the beliefs and processes of Genuine Contact

The Modules of the Genuine Contact Program are simply the beginning of what is being developed. Working together with clients and giving public trainings for over a decade, our Genuine Contact trainers have developed expertise in many areas. From this expertise, workshops have been custom designed to meet the specific needs of clients in areas like strategic planning, leadership development and decision making called Five to Fold, personal development and much more.

Go to Where to Find Us and find a professional in your region to see what they have to offer.

See when and where workshops and events based on Genuine Contact are offered around the world and online in our event calendar.



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