Discover Genuine Contact Program workshops and events here!

Members of our Genuine Contact Organization host a variety of in-person and online workshops and events including:

  • Genuine Contact Program Workshops – these 9 workshops make up the core of the Genuine Contact way of living and working
  • Mentoring Circles – mentoring is a core component of working with Genuine Contact. These mentoring circles offer opportunities to mentor and be mentored in a variety of topics related to Genuine Contact.
  • Genuine Contact Based Trainings & Events – many members of our organization have developed trainings and events rooted in Genuine Contact

Workshops and events are listed below and are open for public registration.  They may have pre-requisites to attend.  Please check with the workshop facilitator prior to registering. Trainers may also offer in-house training for organizations, businesses and community groups. Ask them for details.

Workshops and Mentoring Circles are listed based on the event location and could be offered as an in-person workshop at the location or as an online learning opportunity. Below the map, you can filter for specific workshops as well as in-person or online offerings.  The search results will adjust based on what area is showing on the map. "Learn More" links on this page are to workshop listings on the websites of each individual workshop facilitator and will open in a new tab.


In-Person Workshop Map Marker In-Person Workshop
Online Workshop Map Marker Online Workshop
In-Person Mentoring Circle Map Marker In-Person Mentoring Circle
Online Mentoring Circle Map Marker Online Mentoring Circle

Refine Your Search

Choose the check boxes that apply to the workshop or mentoring circle you're looking for.  Results will show all possible results from your selections.

  • Mentoring Circle (In-Person)
    Mentoring Circle (Online)
    Workshop (In-Person)
    Workshop (Online)
  • Achieving and Regenerating Organizational Health and Balance (Foundation Module 2)
    Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution (Advance Module 3)
    Genuine Contact
    Genuine Contact Organization (Advance Module 4)
    Holistic Leadership Development (Foundation Module 4)
    Individual Health and Balance (Foundation Module 3)
    Path to Organizational Health and Balance (Foundation Module 1)
    Train the Trainer (Advance Module 5)
    Whole Person Process Facilitation (Advance Module 2)
    Working with Open Space Technology (Advance Module 1)

Search Results

The first 10 events are listed here based on the map above. Zoom in on the map to refine the search area.  Zoom out to increase the number of results. Online events are listed based on the facilitator's location.

Disclaimer: The listings on this page are provided for your convenience.  When registering for a workshop, you are contracting with an independent consultant who is authorized to offer Genuine Contact Program workshops.