Train the Trainer in Genuine Contact

To be a Genuine Contact Trainer is to support life nurturing organizations and sustainable growth. You are invited to step into your extraordinary leadership and commit to your own development and growth.

The workshop is designed so that you can grow into mastery in using and teaching the Genuine Contact program. With the Train the Trainer workshop you are authorized to teach the full program in-house and in public workshops. You are invited to join the different GC mailing lists and groups and you will get access to all resources gathered in the program.

The Train the Trainer workshop is offered as an in-person workshop only at this time.  It is offered by several of our Trainers in the world on an annual or semi-annual basis.

GC Trainer Community

Join our community of more than 130 Genuine Contact Trainers worldwide!

GC Trainers participate in a private ongoing online mentoring circle.  Have a question, need some support, or someone else to brainstorm with about an upcoming workshop? This community of professionals is there to work with you. Some trainers even work in partnership with each other offering workshops as a team.

As a Trainer, you also receive sample workshop designs that you can follow or adapt to your own preferences.  This offers you the ability to begin offering training right away and gain experience in this work without having to create your own designs.  Workbooks are also offered digitally so you can print what you need.

Basically, upon completion of your Train the Trainer, you are equipped to start doing this work immediately with the support of our community towards your success.

Co-Ownership of Genuine Contact

All GC Trainers are invited to become Co-Owners of Genuine Contact.  This program and approach, founded by Birgitt Williams and Ward Williams, was opened up into a co-ownership model in 2006. As the program grew and the number of people working this way along with it, this model allowed a growing number of people to support and guide the development of Genuine Contact in the world.

Upon completion of your Train the Trainer, you will be invited to become a Co-Owner too.  Co-ownership is on a voluntary basis and your commitment is renewable once a year.

What's Next?

Pre-requisite for Train the Trainer is to complete the Foundational and Advanced Skill Building modules of the Genuine Contact Program.  You can find these workshops offered by independent Genuine Contact Professionals online or at a location near you.

Join our ongoing international mentoring circle through Google Groups to connect with others interested in the Genuine Contact way of living and working.  Through this group, you'll have the opportunity to mentor and be mentored in Genuine Contact, develop relationships with other GC Professionals and GC Trainers around the world, and begin learning deeply about what GC has to offer.