Group of GC Co-Onwers in Austria
Group of GC Co-Onwers in Austria
Anna Caroline Türk and Birgitt Williams
Program Director and Founder


Following the graduation of the first group of Genuine Contact trainers in 2001, the founders of the Genuine Contact™ program Birgitt Williams and Ward Williams recognized that all GC trainers needed to have a say and a vote in the ongoing development and the evolving GC community. Anybody who has certified as a GC Trainers has the right – but not the responsibility – to participate in creating the future of the Genuine Contact program and its community.

We walk our talk! The Genuine Contact Co-­Owners’ Group Inc. is the steward of the GC Program and support GC professionals in growing Genuine Contact in the world. We are 36 people from around the world. We meet face to face and in online meetings. We use Genuine Contact tools and methods to develop our organization.

Our strength lies in our experience that comes from collaborating and learning together in a group that includes people spanning a multitude of competencies, cultures and languages.

We embrace a culture of leadership where we

  • Invite all Genuine Contact Trainers to join the Genuine Contact Co-Owners Group Inc.
  • Encourage all Co-Owners to take leadership for what has heart and meaning for them
  • Create space for all Co-Owners and Genuine Contact professionals to co-create and collaborate
  • Co-create the operational givens of our organization
  • Make decisions, based on the Five to Fold Process, to empower everyone to guide the decisions that are made
  • Mantain our organization as an online Genuine Contact organization


Genuine Contact Co-Owners Group Inc.