Meetings and conferences are a situation where many people spend a lot of their time at work. To get value for the time and effort spent at meetings, they need to be effective, result oriented, tap into the collective wisdom of the organization and work with the potential of the people. Meetings can also be a catalyst for organizational change and growth. We work with participative methods that invites the Whole Person and their full potential to find solutions that are needed in the organization. We also work in a structured process that supports sustainable benefits from the meeting.

Are you interested in

  • using the whole collective wisdom to find needed solutions
  • find urgent solutions to a problem that should have been solved yesterday
  • invite shared leadership and creativity throughout the organization
  • work with changing the organizational culture and achieving business goals at the same time
  • bring people together to collaborate for a better future

There are many factors impacting the meeting results. It could be the room where it is held, including furniture, light, colors and sounds. It could be using a special facilitation method or no facilitation method, the leadership paradigm, an opportunity for collaboration and participation or not. Whatever you want from your meeting, facilitation and a well done meeting design is a good way to achieve results and get value for the resources put into it.

We offer facilitation of

  • highly participative and creative meetings
  • result oriented meetings focusing on desired results
  • learning, interactive meetings engaging the whole person
  • large and small meetings, from a few people up to about 1000 people
  • online meetings and in-person meetings with the same highly effective methods
  • a structured process with planning, evaluation and accountability meetings surrounding the main meeting

Meeting facilitation is one of our core businesses. We have years of experience from facilitating meetings with Open Space Technology, Whole Person Process Facilitation, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry and many other techniques that blend well together. We know how to design a meeting that is best suited to achieve the results you want.

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