GC Program Overview


The Genuine Contact™ program is designed for organizational development and a means to create a culture of leadership, where everyone is invited to take leadership within the givens of the organization. The program is designed to allow leaders maximum freedom and choice for adjustment to the unique situation of their organization and the culture of leadership they wish to nourish.

The  Genuine Contact™ program provides skills and knowledge which will last a lifetime. Each workshop is designed to provide techniques, tools, and concepts that have multiple applications for leadership, facilitation, consulting, and managing.

The methods, tools and approach is taught in nine different workshops which can be taken separately or in different bundles, depending on what you are looking for. The workshops are offered in different locations and languages around the world. You can also find them online in different timezones.



  • Foundational Workshops

    Path to Organizational Health and Balance
    Achieving Organizational Health and Balance
    Individual Health and Balance 
    Holistic Leadership Development




Genuine Contact Trainers are also offering workshops based on Genuine Contact™


What´s next?

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