The Foundational Workshops regenerates your relationship with yourself and the values of your organization. They provide the foundational modules for more advanced work with the Genuine Contact program and support extraordinary leaders who wish to nourish a culture of leadership.


Path to Organizational Health and Balance
An orientation to a holistic approach to organizational success and the resulting benefits from such an approach. It also provides an introduction to some simple, easily duplicated tools.

Achieving Organizational Health and Balance: Diagnosis and Regeneration
Provides participants with the skills and confidence to carry out a diagnosis of the state of health and balance (wellness) of their organization without the need for consultant help. You leave with self-help tools so you can do period checks and adjustments in order to sustain the desired state of the organization.

Individual Health and Balance for Leaders – provides a framework to examine your personal health and balance and to develop a plan for regaining health and balance within a fast paced stress filled life. This is key to good decision making and sustained leadership performance.

Holistic Leadership Development – for those who are ready to go to the next level of leadership development, expanding your capacity as a leader to nourish a culture of leadership in your organization and sustain optimal, spirited performance. You have already developed increased self awareness about your personal health and balance by taking the Individual Health and Balance workshop for leaders.


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