On the basis of the Genuine Contact™ Program, Genuine Contact professionals from more than 40 countries on every continent work with organizations like yours and turn the identified challenges into new pathways to success.

We are a global community! As Genuine Contact professionals, we are constantly deepening our expertise to stay among the best in our field, assuring the quality of our work and providing the best possible services to our clients.

For more than 17 years, GC professionals have worked with their clients and have come together to share their experiences and insights and contribute to the further development of simple but practical tools for leaders all over the world. They work with

  • local, national and international organizations
  • public and private sector organizations
  • NGO's
  • governmental departments
  • small, mid-sized and large companies
  • cities and
  • communities

Genuine Contact professionals support leaders and managers all over the world. Surprisingly simple and effective.

The people who are attracted to Genuine Contact come from a wide range of background. These include professions such as business leaders, project leaders, leaders of NGOs, networks, alliances and communities, pedagogues, managers in sales and marketing, organizational developers, therapists, coaches, artists and gender equality workers.


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Genuine Contact Professionals are living and working around the world. They offer a variety of GC based services, including consulting, coaching, and facilitation using the Genuine Contact approach as the basis for their work.  GC Professionals who are authorized as Trainers also offer workshops in the Genuine Contact Program.

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Getting started is as easy as completing one Genuine Contact Workshop. Upon completion of the workshop, you will be invited to consider becoming a Genuine Contact Professional too!

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